Gravity is one of our demos that makes us smile 🙂

The experience in the spatial station allows you to be immersed in an outer space environment and experience the zero gravity in objects. Do you want to feel like an astronaut and command a spaceship? Try Gravity experience! It was our great demo for CES 2016, in which almost all the team has been involved on its development. We tried to apply all the experiences we already had in a single demo.

With Gravity and our haptic glove, you will be able to touch the screws and the stele of a microrobot but the most impressive thing in this demo is the fact that you will have fill upper body tracking, including fingers with a 0% latency and 0% drift. When you launch Gravity, you get help to equipe properly and calibrate it. Then you pinch with your fingers and the demo starts. When the demo starts, you find many objects floating. This objects are screws and pencils, which goal is to make you feel scared in a uncertain environment. The robot is included to establish a dangerous feeling on the scene. You can take the objects with your fingers and throw them over the spaceship. Moreover, it has bottom in the centre of the spaceship to switch on or off the lights. This demo is available for OSVR, HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift.


  • Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, OSVR
  • Avatar VR


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