You can now choose between two different licensing options offering all the available resources, full support and customer services. The minimum enrollment is one prepaid year.



Guides and documentation

Downloads and Demos

Support for C++, C# SDK & API

OculusTM, VIVE TrackerTM, OSVR

seats license

Tickets system support

Email and chat support

Haptic Effects Library

‏Haptic Sensations Designer

Motion Caputure Recorder



Guides and documentation

Downloads and Demos

Support for C++, C# SDK, UE4 SDK & API

OculusTM, VIVE & TrackerTM, OSVR

Unlimited seats license

Tickets system support

Email, chat and phone support

Haptic Effects Library

Haptic Sensations Designer

Motion Capture Recorder

DayDream, Gear VR

Early access to new platforms

Early access to HoloLens SDK

Hardware upgrades

* No Avatar VR or Gloveone system included | Price tax included


Would you like to know what are the possibilities? Do you need some extra inspiration? In the Xperiences Portal you will be able to see videos and download packages to try them with your own devices. At the same time, license customers will have the possibility of uploading exclusive content to the portal in order to spread their work to the community.


 NeuroDigital Suite is the unified control center for Gloveone and Avatar VR. Here you will master all the features present in the devices at the same time you monitor all the values for actuators and IMU sensors*. Battery levels, performance and tests are also available. Maybe the most important feature is the possibility of having a visual feedback for haptics.


 We have one vision: to become the Touch Virtual Reality standard! That is only possible working alongside with developers. Thus there is an open API and SDK in order to make their ideas come true, letting them to focus on their projects.


We enable professionals to develop limitless. Our team it’s ready to provide the best customer support via email, web-form and phone calls. Through our ticketing system we solve any issue that could come up when developing.


All the necessary software to develop applications that use our haptic device is available to download. In addition, there are the libraries, as well as the Unity packages to develop your experiences in any of the languages and environments.


 What if you could paint your touch sensations like an artist? That’s exactly what Haptic Sensations Designer does! As easy as a child’s game, as building block game you have the power to create, test and record touch sensations. Create your own Haptic Library!