Software updates for Gloveone and NDSuite

We’ve been very busy at NeuroDigital Technologies this past few weeks working very hard to improve our NDSuite software for both Gloveone and Avatar VR. Gloveone shows the first results. To show you all of them, we prepared this website, Get Started, where you can see the whole process of starting with this blog, from the NDSuite installation to its use to develop.

New calibration for Gloveone

We’ve updated the calibration system for Gloveone, and now our NDSuite includes two different types of calibration: standard and advanced. You can see them both on this video!

The standard calibration is a basic one. You just click the button and move your hand as the image is showing, and the whole hand calibrates. The advanced one, however, is more precise and each finger calibrates separately. Also, you can save this type of calibration to your computer.

We also prepared a video to show you the whole interface of NDSuite for the use of Gloveone, its sections and how to use each one of them. Look!

Two new functions for NDSuite

Finally, we added two new functions of NDSuite for licensed users: the Haptic Sensations Designer and the Motion Capture Recorder. The first one lets you design your own touch sensations, as if it was a block game. Developers will be able to create, test and record touch sensations, and eventually have their own Haptic Library!


Haptic Sensations Designer for ND Suite

The Motion Capture Recorder, on the other hand, lets you capture movement, gestures and haptics (tactile sensation). Later, you will be able to reproduce them on a virtual glove.

Motion Capture Recorder for ND Suite

We keep working every day to improve NDSuite even more and to add new functions to the software. We want to make it easy for developers to adapt and include haptic technology on their work! Keep posted to our news!

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