Touching masterpieces, by NeuroDigital Technologies

Do NOT touch”. It’s the first rule that we encounter when we enter to any museum. That’s a reasonable rule, as the pieces can be studied and contemplated with just our eyes and touching them can damage them in the long term.

But not all of us can use their eyes to appreciate art, and touching is their only way to examine these pieces of art.

That’s the reason why NeuroDigital Technologies  decided to jump into this venture with Geometry Prague, the Leontinka Foundation and the National Gallery of Prague. “Touching Masterpieces” is a project on which we recreated three different art works in virtual reality: Michelangelo’s David, Venus de Milo and the bust of Nefertiti. Now, with our haptic glove Avatar VR the blind and the visually impaired can ‘see’ and enjoy the art on these three pieces.

We performed this exhibition on the National Gallery of Prague on March 2018, and this is the result for all the people that tested the experience:

We are so proud and honored to be part of this amazing project, and to see that our haptic technology can help the visually impaired to improve their lives and experiences.

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