Unity SDK Updates: May and June 2018

These two months our developer team has been working on improving the Unity SDK. A short description of each new version on our Developer section, but here you can find a much more extensive description.

Unity SDK version 4.3 (May 29th 2018)

  • Finger movements improved.
  • Calibration by gesture sequence. The component InGameCalibration allows to calibrate the devices with a set gesture sequence. This component is found in each hand, along with HandModelController.


In Game Calibration, Unity SDK update on May 2018



Unity SDK version 4.4 (June 28th 2018)

IK (Inverse kinematics)

Now, the arm movement uses IK by default. The hand position (IK target) is determined with the TrackBand or any other external sensor (for example, VIVE Tracker). Thanks to this IK movement on the arm, biometric boundaries have been established to avoid impossible twists and positions for the human body. If you wish, you can use FK (Forward kinematics), disabling the check box “Use IK” on the component “IK Controller” of the “RoboticAvatar” object.



New example scene

On the folder /_Scenes/Tests, you can find the scene FullTest, the new test scene, which contains the following mini examples:

HapticCube: Put your hand inside the box and you will feel a haptic feedback. The lower you put it, the higher sensation you feel.

GrabSphere: Put your hand over a sphere, grab it in a natural way and throw it. If you want more spheres, press the ‘S’ key.

Textures: Put your hand over the texture and move it. If you want to test different textures, press the Up/Down arrow keys.

Gun: Perform the gun gesture (Middle and palm contacts) and shoot.

Draw: Move the index finger tip over the screen and it will draw. Press the red button to refresh the screen.

Joystick: Move the joystick with your hand/fingers. It works better performing slow and smooth movements.

Numpad: Enter the code shown in each box to unlock them.

Dimmer: Spin the dimmer with your hand/fingers and control the bulb intensity.

Integration packages

Integration packages for other devices, such as StreamVR and LeapMotion, are now on the repository, on the folder UnityPackages.

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