With the pitch “Feel & Touch VR”, Avatar VR is our newest wireless controller creation for Virtual Reality. As Gloveone was before, it has been designed to provide a realistic sense of touch thanks to the use of haptic technology but adding an impressive movement tracking capability.

Starting at: 1.100€


Avatar VR includes all the features present in Gloveone plus some very unique capabilities that makes it the most powerful solution ever for natural interaction in Virtual Reality.

Avatar VR Motion Capture


Our full upper-body tracking technology is based on a minimal setup composed of motion sensors that are able to track the movements of your chest, arms and hands with pinpoint accuracy.

Avatar VR Sensor Fusion Motion Capture


One 9-axis IMU is included in the mainboard in order to accurately gather Rotation, Acceleration and Compass data which is then fused with the additional VR tracking data of the system of your choosing for optimal tracking and latency. This is especially helpful when dealing with instances of low-confidence optical tracking.

Avatar VR Full Occlusion Survivor


Even if both hands were placed in “black boxes” where no visual tracking were possible, Avatar VR’s tracking technology would still work flawlessly, opening the door to specialized trainings and simulations that were technically impossible up to now.

Avatar VR Drift Correction


We are able to provide Near Zero Drift Experience (NZDE) to our users, which means that you can repeat the same gestures and freely experiment with the virtual environment without any significant error accumulation.

Avatar VR Haptic Feedback


In order to allow users to touch what they see in VR, we feel that the best possible option is to translate subtle vibrations into simulated touch sensation. Hence, Avatar VR is built with an array of 10x vibrotactile actuators that vibrate in frequencies to which humans are naturally receptive to, in order to be accepted by the brain as “Real Touch” input.

Avatar VR Smart Controller


Avatar VR is not only haptics but also a Smart Controller! We have included conductive zones in the glove that enable users to trigger specific actions within any chosen scenario. This feature has Zero Latency as it’s circuit-based and not dependent on specific gesture interpretation.

AVatar VR Full Finger Tracking


Full Finger Tracking is achieved by the use of 6x 9-AXIS IMUs. We use IMU tech as we consider it the best solution in the market, as opposed to the simpler flex/bending sensor which only allows one degree of freedom.

Avatar VR Negligible Footprint


Both of our technologies Gloveone and Avatar VR, have an extremely low footprint for PC and mobile devices. All calculations are done onboard making them a perfect companion for low specs and non-intensive graphics tasks and environments.

Avatar VR Latency


Stimuli synchrony plays an essential role in perception. In the real life this comes naturally, but in artificial Virtual Reality stimuli must be coupled in the most reliable way. In the case of tactile perception such issue has been studied using crossmodal congruency and detectability experiments showing that the delay between your action and the corresponding touch feedback should not be above 30-40ms to be perceived coherently.
For that reason, our haptic gloves provide almost immediate touch feedback by using vibrotactile actuators with a latency of just 20ms and low high speed communication technology: Bluetooth 4.0 LE with less than 8ms latency or cable connection with just 1ms delay. Thus, the total latency of our haptic gloves is under 28ms, giving you a highly realistic perception of touch.


20ms Actuators
1ms Trackband
1ms Wired
8ms Bluetooth

Avatar VR Trackband


Avatar VR is an intelligent system composed by a Glove and a detachable TrackBand.

A TrackBand is a relative positional tracking* accessory comprising a collection of 9-AXIS IMU in charge of performing forward kinematics, providing upper-body motion capture by itself or in combination with other systems (Pure Inertial or mixed Inertial-Optical configurations are possible).

Depending on the configuration, different TrackBands are provided:

  • TrackBand3 is a “One Hand Setup”, comprising Wrist, Arm and Chest sensors.
  • TrackBand2 is usually used in “both hands setup” composed by Wrist and Arm sensors that can be used in combination** with a TrackBand3.

*Note1: Absolute positioning, where an user can move inside a “Room Scale Experience”, requires the use of an auxiliary tracking system.
**Note2: TrackBand2 can also be used for one hand setup if chest movement is not needed. By default, Avatar VR includes a TrackBand3.


You can now choose between two different licensing options offering all the available resources, full support and customer services. The minimum enrollment is one prepaid year.



Guides and documentation

Downloads and Demos

Support for C++, C# SDK & API


seats license

Tickets system support

Email and chat support

Haptic Effects Library

‏Haptic Sensations Designer

Motion Caputure Recorder

Universal Smart Controller



Guides and documentation

Downloads and Demos

Support for C++, C# SDK, UE4 SDK & API

OculusTM, VIVETM, VIVE Tracker, OSVR, DayDream, Gear VR

Unlimited seats license

Tickets system support

Email, chat and phone support

Haptic Effects Library

Haptic Sensations Designer

Motion Capture Recorder

Universal Smart Controller

Early access to new platforms

Early access to HoloLens SDK

Hardware upgrades

* No Avatar VR or Gloveone system included | Price tax included