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21/09/2018 NDSuite (v.1.3.3)
Performance improvement of Bluetooth!
Improvement of the user experience allowing multiple Avatar VR devices working smoothly at the same time by Bluetooth connection


09/08/2018 Unity SDK (v.4.5)
This is the minimum compatible version to work with NDSuite 1.3.0. It includes 2 new types of calibration, IK improved, Steam VR integration, and NDAnimationRecorder and NDAnimationPlayer has been added.
07/08/2018 NDSuite (v.1.3.0)
New NDSuite version released to support the latest SDK versions. It’s important that you update all your projects and demos, because prior SDK versions will be deprecated and will stop working shortly. New upcoming SDK versions to use are:
CSDK: V1.1
UnitySDK: v4.5
28/06/2018 Unity SDK (v.4.4)
It includes IK (Inverse kinematics), a new example scene, and some integration packages for other devices, such as StreamVR and LeapMotion.
26/06/2018 NDSuite (v.1.2.5)
Performance Improvement of multiple connections.
We have improved the connection management when there are several devices connected to NDSuite.
20/06/2018 Firmware Avatar VR (v.0.38)
New firmware version for Avatar VR. Available for hardware version 8 and 9.
Improvement of the initial calibration proccess. You can upgrade your device as follows:


29/05/2018 Unity SDK (v.4.3)
The new version of Unity SDK includes an improvement on finger movements and calibration by gesture sequence.
28/05/2018 ND Suite (v.1.2.4)
Performance Improvement of Bluetooth!
Improvement of the user experience by avoiding the appearance of glitches in Bluetooth connection for real-time applications.


18/04/2018 ND Suite (v.1.2.3)
New calibration system for Gloveone!
Now you can choose between two methods: standard and advanced. Standard is a more basic and easy one that calibrates the whole hand at once, and advanced calibrates each finger separately and can be saved to your computer.
23/03/2018 ND Suite (v.1.2.0)
Haptic Sensations Designer (only for licensed users)
Create your own Haptic Library with this tool, that lets you design your own touch sensations.
01/02/2018 ND Suite (v.1.1.10)
Motion Capture Recorder (only for licensed users)
Capture movement, gestures and haptics (tactile sensation) and reproduce them on a virtual glove.