This FAQ has been made by gathering all the questions related to Gloveone users

My glove does not appear on NDSuite
STEP 01.– Check that you are working on Windows 8.1 or higher.

STEP 02.– It could be a failure of communication with Windows. If the LED indicator stays flashing in blue but the glove does not connect with your PC after an unusual reset of the device, the problem lies with Windows and its COM virtual serial ports management. The glove is operating normally.

STEP 02.1– The usual way to act in this case is to disconnect the USB wire from the PC and then connect it again, so Windows detects a new virtual serial port and marks the connection as active. The LED indicator will then turn steady green again and data will be disclosed on NDSuite.

STEP 02.2– Another way of proceeding, although it is not effective 100% of the cases nor is as fast as the previous one, is resetting the service “ND Service” as shown in the following capture.

This way Windows will detect the creation of a new COM virtual serial port, and it will start to listen to that port. (But the best solution is to connect the USB wire again, as this solution should not fail).

As we mentioned earlier, in this case the glove is functioning properly, the problem is Windows is not seeing the data the glove is sending.

It is important to observe the LED color code. If any of the sensors is not working properly o the data provided by them is not being read, the LED will be red. If it is flashing blue, then the sensors are functioning normally and the data is being read.

In addition, it is highly recommendable to download the new NDSuite or manager to have the most actual version and avoid incompatibility issues.

Glove resetting
The glove can be reset for several reasons:

1.– If the USB wire is disconnected from the glove or from your PC during an USB active connection, the glove resets. In this case the glove will have a steady green light and when you disconnect the USB wire, the LED will turn red for about 1 second and then to the corresponding state according to the color code (see color code).

2.– If the Bluetooth connection is disconnected during an active connection, the glove resets. In this case the glove will have a steady blue light and when you disconnect the USB wire, the LED will turn red for about 1 second and then to the corresponding state according to the color code (see color code).

Access to SDK, runtime, documentation, examples and forum -- FREE and AVAILABLE for ALL
There is no need to pledge for any reward in order to gain access to development resources. All it’s available at:

We want to be as transparent as possible and improve ourselves with your knowledge. It is also proof of the work performed! We are ready for developers, gamers, publishers and professionals….just need to be funded for mass production!

Does Gloveone provide movement resistance?
Not at the moment in a mechanical way. Some attempts have been made to add force feedback to a glove, but none of them provide a satisfactory sensation outside of a very specific scenario. For instance, Dexmo had mechanical actuators on two fingers that retain them, but this is only useful to grab something in a virtual scenario. You cannot feel resistance when hitting a virtual wall with your hand, or the weight of a basketball with it.

Adding force feedback is currently unapproachable, as it needs bulky, uncomfortable and expensive physical structures. This is why our approach sticks with tactile feedback, as it can be used to simulate a number of different magnitudes.

Do you need Leap Motion or Intel Realsense to make Gloveone work?
NO!!! Gloveone is virtually compatible with any tracking system and we’ll make updates showing you how it can work with technologies like Leap Motion, Intel Realsense, Microsoft Kinect or a normal webcam. You can even use Gloveone without any of these technologies if you plan to develop an application that gives stimulus or haptic sensations without knowing the position of the hands.
The question you have to formulate yourself is: Do I need hand tracking in my project? If yes, you’ll have to choose any technology mentioned before or any other tracking device. We promote Leap Motion and Intel RealSense just because at this moment we provide SDK examples and Unity prefabs to make Gloveone “plug and play” using these technologies.
How are you able to feel virtual objects’ weight or pressure?
For your brain this sensation is the result of combining the visual experience of seeing your hands interacting with virtual objects and the haptic feedback produced by Gloveone’s actuators. We produce haptic sensations through vibrations, and they are conveniently modulated taking into account different factors. To simulate the weight of a ball, these factors would be the vertical movement of the hand and the force required, the mass and speed of the ball displacement, etc. The result of the sensation transmitted by the actuators on your skin together with your perception of the ball on your hand makes the trick. You don’t feel the weight in the same way than in real life, but you will be able to compare different virtual objects’ weight. It’s just a realistic perceptual illusion.
Are you working with any game companies or publishers?
Our dream is to become the touch virtual reality reference for Fun & Serious games. In this way, we have distributed some prototypes through some of the most important companies in the field in order to become compatible with them. The short answer is: YES. The long one is: We are working to be branded by some “big fish” publishers. We are willing to be a “plug & play” gadget for any platform in a transparent way. Just put on Gloveone and enjoy the haptics with the existing games.
How to calibrate the battery in the first use?
For battery calibration, before using the device, you must perform a first full charge with a less than 500mA charger or, failing that, via USB cable connected to your computer. This process can last, at least, 2:30 hours.